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What is Orthokeratology (aka Ortho K)?

Ortho K is a non-surgical process which reshapes (flattens by compression) the cornea of the eye using contact lenses to reduce refractive errors (nearsightedness and astigmatism). Flattening the cornea reduces the focusing power of the eye. Since the amount of corneal flattening can be accurately controlled, it is possible to bring the eye into correct focus and compensate for the refractive error. After the contact lens is removed, the cornea retains its flattened shape for part or all of the remainder of the day. A retainer lens must be used each night to maintain the corneal flattening, or the myopia will revert to the pre-treatment level. Ortho K is also successful for some degrees of farsightedness by steepening the central cornea.

At what age can you do Ortho K?

Children and adults can be treated with Ortho K because the principle of flattening the cornea is effective for both. Myopia control is used to slow or stop the increase in axial length of the eye that occurs in growing children who are becoming more nearsighted each year. This may result in a lower prescription, so the child won't have to wear the thick lenses he/she might otherwise require by the time he/she is a teenager.

Is Ortho K a new procedure?

No, the procedure was first used over 40 years ago when eye doctors noticed that some contact lens wearers' vision improved after wearing their lenses. Initially, only old-fashioned, hard contact lens material (PMMA) was used. A series of lenses were needed, each lens flattening the cornea a small amount until the desired results were attained. This took months to years to accomplish. However, with today’s technology results are often obtained within a few weeks and only one set of lenses is needed.

What are the benefits of Ortho K?

Ortho K is not only an excellent alternative to the wearing of spectacles, but it also frees the individual from the distractions caused by perspiration, dust, wind weather and temperature. There are no more blind spots caused by frame or lens edges. It is great to wear "regular" fashion sunglasses, to get up at night or in the morning and see, to go swimming and skiing, to drive in a convertible with the top down, to work in the dust, grass or in the garden, and to be able to see in cases of emergencies. Ortho K might open new horizons to you. People in occupations that are hindered by the use of glasses or contacts may be good candidates for Ortho K - pilots, policemen, firemen, etc. Be sure to check with the regulations of your employer prior to undergoing Ortho K.

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